Warranty Information

Warranties are processed according to the manufacturer’s policies, and dependent upon those policies. Some manufacturers will only accept a claim through the dealer, and in those cases it is required that you contact us to process your claim. Other manufacturers require that the customer contact them directly. To find out how to make a warranty claim based on the manufacturer’s policies for your specific product, please call our customer service department at 417-823-8160.

All damages or imperfections must be reported within 72 hours of receipt of merchandise. If your product was damaged by MYA, we will take the necessary actions to rectify the matter. However, if the product has been damaged by the customer, MYA is in no way responsible for your item.

It is recommended to have photographic evidence of your claim, copy or your invoice with date of purchase and/or delivery, and serial number of product (if applicable). Read your warranty cards from the manufacturer to see what steps you need to take and the appropriate timeline to make them within.